We provide a wide range of consulting services, delivered by our team of dedicated staff and our network of experts and associate consultants. We conduct our consulting business in partnership with local, regional and global corporate partners. We pursue opportunities in our own name, in consortia with local and international partners or as a regional sub-contractor.

Project implementation

We implement projects and programmes as an integral part of our consulting business. In addition, through our associated NGO, Sustainable Agricultural Information Initiative (SustaiNet East Africa, established in 2005) we implement numerous agricultural and rural development programmes and projects in the East African region. We understand the local context and provide practical solutions while undertaking any assignment.

Project support

We have a long track record in providing project support services for international clients. This includes sourcing of regional and local experts; conducting or supporting fact-finding missions, project implementation (e.g. conduct of baselines, surveys, analysis) and administrative/logistical support (e.g. transport, office rental, work permits, rental of vehicles/accommodation, sourcing of resource persons and information, facilitation of meetings, staff recruitment and management, tax compliance, etc.).

These services can be provided on a case-by-case basis, under support contracts for entire projects or under framework agreements on a company-to-company basis.